Whatever your video needs are, we can produce an effective solution. Whether your business requires a television commercial, infomercial, webinar, social media spot, event footage, real estate videography, animatioin, motion graphics, or something else, ask Archetype Multimedia!

Please peruse a small sampling of our past projects below.


Television Spot: PDACC | Join

Your  company means so much more to your community than you think! This ad features aerial, architectural, vehicular, and stabilized clips combined with simple graphics, cut to the beat with zero voiceover for a refreshing national quality presentation.


Television Spot: Animal Samaritans | Covid-19 PSA

Working with charitable organizations pays dividends in a special sense of accomplishment. No corners cut, no details ignored, even when no profit is due.
Here to serve.


Television Spot : SunLine Transit Agency | Free Wifi

Appealing to a wide demographic range is challenging, here overcome by projecting modern everyday elements. This PSA features professional actors and a mixture of hand held, anchored, and stabilized motion videography for the perfect "natural" cinematic feel.


Television Spot: Stir It Up | Mmm... Mountain

Stop motion photography against a chroma wall was employed to build a mountain of delicious fresh ingredients for this buffet style restaurant. At Archetype Multimedia, there's no limit of ideas or techniques to help your company succeed!


Television Spot: Agua Caliente | The Show

Unbridled call to action for cross branding success! Motion 3D titles, lighting effects, arial footage, pans, swings, and zooms emote an exhilarating viewer experience. The driving beat and motivating voice over seal the deal in this music video styled spot!


Television Spot: All Seasons | Plumbing

Comedy can be an extremely effective way to market your services! The client loved our concept mating original 2D animation with a silly soundtrack. Bold basic titles compliment the cartoon rather than distract attention. Delivered ahead of schedule under budget.


Television Spot: Prime Chop House | Speaks

Cool jazz.
Splendid imagery.
Magnified customer base.


Television Spot: Grand Prix Car Wash | Shine

To advertise the ability of this company's modern machine to effectively clean large vehicles, we rented the infamous Hummer H2 and shot the process from ground level to emphasize mass. Interior video reveals how fun the colorful ride is for the kids!


Television Spot: Olive A'Sudden | What's In A Name

What's the best way to sell product that involves do-it-yourself? Promote with footage of store inventory and center on actual demonstration. Conclude with contact and location. By the way, sales skyrocketed after this commercial hit the air... especially for the noodles!


Television Spot: Jackalope Ranch | Excellence

Built with 100% stabilized footage of real life customers and really delicious cuisine, then overlaid with boldly elegant graphics, and finished with big southern voice talent over a ballsy blues music bed, we brought warm hospitality to television and social media.


Website Infomercial: Enerliance | Lobos

How does top quality production make an interesting internet and trade show infomercial for a not so terribly interesting and complicated concept while working with a lower budget?
Click to find out...


Property Tour: Berkshire Hathaway | 1333 Nice Place

With a continuous stabilized single shot of this tastefully remodelled hideaway and accompanying grand backyard, the viewer is transported to a comforably paced virtual tour set to island themed inspirational music. Sold!


Music Video: Regenerator | Dreams

Notoriously artisitic cinematographers, producers, and directors were selected to provide lush, beautiful footage for this spectacular display fitting of the intensely wonderful music. Then our favorite in-house editor brought it all together. Enjoy!



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