Do you understand the value of thoughtful, perfectly produced audio marketing? Then you'll appreciate what we do. Beginning with crafty copy, we then employ top industry voice talent, musicians, and foley artists. In our cutting edge recording studio, the tracks are edited, arranged, and mixed.

Check out a few examples of our work below!


Radio Spot: Boot Barn | Blisters

If you want to sell your products, you must target your market. We emulated a real work environment which imitates the very real best day experience for the laborer in this national quality commercial, with a kind of fun this retailer cashed in on!


Radio Spot: Southern California Home & Garden Show | Personalities

Every convention style product show you have heard of uses hardsell up the yin yang. And that's perfect for auto shows and auctions, but does it work for home and family product presentations? We think no. The show was extremely successful.


Radio Spot: Signal Hill Auto Center | Arguer's Anonymous

This prestigious Orange County auto dealer group requested a national quality spot, at a local price, that was anti-hardsell. Softsell is not anti-hardsell. What is? Comedy! Killer copy, great talent, and high end production equals results. Does this sound local?


Radio Spot: Riverside International Film Festival | Ten Days

Our talent director coached a smooth and elegant delivery from a well known and in demand announcer. Then our studio producer employed European style ambient techno for the perfect mix to match the script!


Radio Spot : Power Sports Super Store | Heartbeat

Capturing a sense of adreniline in a radio advertisement required motivational copy, an agressive upbeat voiceover, and inspiring sound effects, all enhanced with invigorating background music.


Radio & Web Spot: Centers For Success | Uplifting

Biofeedback equals self control. If you want to control your own brain, like all the masters of the universe, these guys and girls can help. Soothing sound and a pleasant spokesman lead you through the door to success in your career.


Jingle: Gosch Auto Group | Buy Gosch

What do most retail company jingles suffer from the most? Mediocrity. You know, a jingle that sounds like a jingle. So we produced a jingle that is an actual song... upbeat, modern, and alternative style!


Amusement Park Theme: Splash Kingdom | Once & Future Pharaoh

An ancient Egyptian styled waterpark requested an original music loop to play at the entrance gate and on its lazy river ride to promote Middle Eastern energy. We rose to the occasion by creating this beautiful mix recalling the ages.


Motion Picture Score: Lily & The Syphon | Seraphantine

Famed director George Lucas once said "The sound and music are fifty percent of the entertainment in a movie." We couldn't agree more, so we created this background music for an independent horror movie to support its eerie visuals.

On Hold Message: Claremont Ford Mazda | World Famous

There are three things to avoid in an on hold message... boring the customer, canned looped music, and generic, robotic mass produced crap. Keep them entertained and curious! We hired a real Hollywood character voice talent to fascinate!


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